The Scotch College Archival Collection spans 1897 to the present day - 1897 being the date the College was established in Beaufort Street Mt Lawley.

Scotch Archives is dedicated to the collecting and preserving of items relating to the history of Scotch College in Perth.

Included are:

  • All Reporters and Clan publications are available digitally here as well as being available to the public in the Battye Library
  • A collection of books specific to the military history of past students
  • Western Australian and local history books
  • Prize and Text books
  • Achievement awards and sporting trophies
  • Uniform paraphernalia - caps, boaters, old boys' blazers, kilts
  • Staff paraphernalia e.g.. Headmasters' mortar boards
  • Still and moving photographic images
  • Oral histories and music recordings


The Archivist conducts tours by appointment showing certain parts in the collection. You may be asked to use extreme care and wear cotton or surgical gloves. A display/reading area is available where pencils only are to be used.

The Private Collection comprises manuscripts /paper records, maps/plans, photographs, drawings or paintings, movies, audio, textiles. Conservation is ongoing and volunteers are encouraged to apply for a variety of projects.

The comprehensive ' A History of Scotch College Building a Tradition' by Jenny Gregory and published in 1996 is available for purchase from the School at a cost of $75, including GST.


Ms Yasmin McDonald

Tel: 61 8 9383 6888


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