The Arts

The Arts

The School aims to teach the Arts across many different subjects and demonstrate how they can be integrated into various disciplines.

The Arts have become increasingly relevant in the modern world and provide a comprehensive education which allows students the ability to explore values and important personal issues.

Scotch students can celebrate the Arts through:

  • Visual Arts - Art and Media
  • Performing Arts - Drama and Music

Studying Art enables boys to draw from a wide range of knowledge and skills, develops their creativity and personal initiative and to express their own unique view of the world. In the Middle and Senior Schools, students explore media that range from traditional forms to new and emerging multi-media technologies.

Music is an integral, enjoyable and rewarding part of life at Scotch College. It enables the boys to express their personal and communal identity and encourages their exploration of the cultural values of individuals and communities. The study of Music also offers fresh ways to engage with a constantly changing world.

Drama is introduced into the academic curriculum in Year 6 and is offered as a continuing elective in Years 9 - 12. Students preparing for Year 11 and 12 courses and further drama education are offered increasingly more advanced and challenging courses. By audition, students can participate in School productions by becoming involved in stage acting and/or backstage support and production.